Using Google Meet within Google Sheet

We have just received a new update from Google, using Google Meet within Google Documents. It can be Google Sheets, Slides, or Docs.

The new collaboration option lets you start or join a video call right within Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides. That way you can work on the docs, slides, or sheets during the Google Meet call.

Just dropdown the Meet icon on the top-right corner. From there you will be able to join any meeting if you have an invitation or else you can start a new meeting right away.

Once you start the meeting, all the functions we use in Google Meet are available in the sidebar.

Once I share the screen, I’ll be able to see everyone within the sidebar and also I will be able to see the chat log without leaving the sheet.

Hope this will be a very helpful update for all of us, insha’Allah.

Click here to watch it.

That’s it for now.