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UOC - The first online university in the world

UOC - The first online university in the world

Learning and attaining certificates online is not a new thing anymore. The convenience of learning from anywhere has brought significant changes to many lives; millions of students around the world are learning and pursuing their degrees online.

There will be an initiative body for every good and bad thing. The first online university came into existence in 1995 in Catalonia, Spain.

UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), the open university of Catalonia is the first online university in the world. And till date they are the best online university in the whole Europe.

UOC facilitates an active learning approach, constantly accompanied by a teaching team. In addition to the dedicated teachers’ effort, tutors are assigned to help you more. For further assistance, UOC has arranged supportive tools, learning resources and ways to collaborate with peers, which will evaluate students on new competencies.

I found UOC’s manifesto quite interesting. They say higher education cannot be a formal process that ends with an official degree or certificate. They believe that it is necessary to promote the formation of the students throughout their lives.

They do not leave a student when they graduate, but they help and guide their students throughout their careers. They are not helping their students to get just any job, but a prestigious job that gives the students a good status.

What’s more, UOC doesn’t leave the students, even after they get the job they are looking for. UOC makes sure if things are going well in the job too. This is what I found the most amazing about UOC, apart from being the first online university in the world.

I hope readers found my limited information about UOC helpful and interesting.