Understanding the difference between websites and blogs

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Now that you are starting your own website or blog, it is necessary that you understand specific terms, precisely the difference between a blog and a website.

There are many kinds of websites, and a blog is one of them. A blog is similar to any other type of website in that it displays articles in reverse chronological order and is updated frequently. That means articles will be arranged so that you can read the new blog posts first.

Nowadays, we often see blogs as a part of many websites. For example, a person might have a website to showcase particular things like a book or product that he/she is selling while having a separate section for his blogs. In that blog section, he/she will publish posts regularly.

If a website is only a website and not a blog, that means it has no regular posts or articles in descending or ascending chronological order.

So, a website can be a blog, a website can have a blog inside it, a blog can be only a blog, and a website can also be only a website.

Just decide if you want to have only a website, only a blog, or both.

Use the given quiz to see if you understand the difference between a website and a blog. Check the given example websites and decide if they are blogs or not. Finally, you should be able to decide what your website is going to look like.

Quiz: https://forms.gle/fpd2APFMgBiddpFu7

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