Thinadhoo Campus – Moodle Training Trip

Thinadhoo is the capital of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. The best thing I learned from the island – besides best practices and tricks on picking mangoes from mango trees – is about the language they speak. Their dialect is different from the Dhivehi we speak in Malé. Nevertheless, they are proud of the language they speak. Though they talk well in Dhivehi, they have their own dialect of Dhivehi language. Preferably they argue the dialect or language as a separate (their own) language. They say it is not a dialect rather a completely independent language.


Though I didn’t see a breathtaking beach in the island, it has many places worth a visit, at least for awesome snapshots. Places like the Museum, Mosques and schools, with their unique designs and architecture, give a unique feeling. For example, the Islamic Centre in Thinadhoo has a striking resemblance to the Islamic Centre in Malé yet with its own style and tone.


I met brother Raamiz who spent most part of his life in Malé and moved to GDh. Thinadhoo. He describes Malé to be a no-option compared to Thinadhoo or other islands for that matter. He is happy to leave the congested and exhausting life of Malé, mashaAllah.

He is working there as an Arabic teacher in the atoll school. The school itself was a very spacious and soothing environment – a betterment for every pupil and educator mashaAllah.

Then I met brother Nazeel and Hisaan who were both kind and welcoming. They took real care of me and my colleague Ibrahim. Nazeel was our host and Hisaan prepared gifts for our family and friends mashaAllah. They took great care of us.

May Allah reward them all with good.


Thinadhoo Campus

The campus manager, Shameem joined the campus in 2007 and at that time the campus was not as big as you see in the pictures. However, he managed to expand the campus by adding the whole block (VTC – Vocational Training Centre) next to the campus in around 2013. This gave the campus a better look and a spacious environment for students to stay and study.

The campus was awesome as well as the session, alhamdulillah.


End of the Training and Orientation

The purpose of my trip to Thinadhoo was to train the lecturers of the Thinadhoo Campus of The Maldives National University. The campus has 7 lecturers including campus manager and 7 administrative staff including an IT Technician.

The task assigned to me was to train the lecturers on how to use Moodle – to teach things they don’t know and to refresh what they already know. I also aimed to guide them on the best practices on how to use the learning management system.

The lecturers were attentive and supportive. They learned and practically did all the tasks assigned accurately, mashaAllah. They learned the basics of Moodle with quick grading and offline grading. They also learned how to deal with sections, files, folders, and assignments including Turnitin assignments inside the Moodle Learning Management System. Moreover, they had a lot of fun with groups, quizzes, chats, and forums. They also learned WIKI and progress tracking with the help of activity completion.

The session was simply awesome, and I am really proud to teach such a brave group of people. Alhamdulillah. Comments received from the session are as below. May Allah reward them with good.


  • Learned use of different tools in moodle.
  • Making a wiki.
  • Everything was important.
  • Good session.
  • A very interactive and insightful session.
  • very informative.

Alhamdulillah and many thanks to the staff of the campus for making this a fruitful session.

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