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Send SMS from Mac

Send SMS from Mac

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The best part of using an iPhone with a MacBook is the Apple ecosystem. How they work together is amazing and it saves a lot of time, especially in messaging and sharing files and other documents.

If I am working and have some time to reply to messages I receive, sitting with the laptop makes life much easier. As you know, typing with a laptop or desktop keyboard is super convenient than typing on a phone keyboard.

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Lately, I got a new MacBook and noticed that it is not receiving messages from my phone. I was confused as everything else started synchronizing normally but the text messages. This led to great stress as all the convenience of text messaging was gone at that point at all.

However, I found it quite easy to get it back right. Just do the following.

From your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.

Select the devices you want to allow to send and receive messages from your iPhone.

That’s it.