Screening papers for research

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The goal of article screening is to eliminate studies that are obviously unrelated to your subject.

Today we are going to extract a few points from the doctoral thesis of Darko Andročec 2015, to learn about screening papers for research. inshaAllah.

To screen papers for your research:

Irrelevant studies (publications that are not relevant to answering the research questions) have to be excluded based on analyzing their titles, abstracts, and keywords. 

Book chapters, scientific conferences, and journal papers relevant to the topic should be included. 

Duplicate studies and papers should be excluded. 

If several papers report the same findings, only the newest work has to be included. 

If an abstract is not good enough to determine whether the focus of the work is on the topic, read the introduction and conclusion to determine whether to include the article or not. 

Exclude review papers; only include papers that describe solutions to problems. 

​​The next step is to read abstracts of the selected primary studies and write out relevant keywords and concepts to understand the contributions of each study. 

This helps to define a set of categories. 

Using this technique, data can be collected to answer the research questions.

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Andročec, D. (2015). Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) Based Interoperability of Cloud Computing [Info:eu-repo/semantics/doctoralThesis, University of Zagreb. Faculty of Organization and Informatics Varaždin].

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