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3 ways to convert PDF to ePUB – Read books conveniently

PDF to ePUB conversion makes eBooks appear more professional, drastically beautiful, responsive, and more accessible. ePUB is simply beautiful.

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What is PDF?


PDF was introduced by Adobe in 1993 at the “Windows and OS/2 Conference”. It was an Adobe-owned format until 2008 when it was made available as an open standard. Since then, it has spread and is now available everywhere.

Why is it so famous?

More precisely, it is famous because it does not depend on any operating system. If someone wants to share something without ruining his font or format, he chooses the PDF file format.

According to the PDF Technologies team, from personal resumes to business contracts, and from commercial brochures to government documents, we find PDFs everywhere, both at home and at work, for non-official and official use. There is no doubt that PDF is the most popular and widely used file format around the world.

But is there any better alternative? Why don’t you consider ePUB instead?

What is ePUB?


International Digital Publishing Format (IDPF) published EPUB format as a their official standard in 2007.

EPUB is an electronic document viewer (ebook) format. Several eBook readers support EPUB files for its accessibility and other advantages.

Why is it so famous?

It is super responsive to your device. You can change your font size, font style, type face with ease. It has both dark mode and light mode adaptation.

These flexibilities increases user accessibility. For example a person with longsighted can increase font size and etc.

Why I prefer ePub over PDF

I read a lot on my phone. PDF files don’t always fit the screen. I have to zoom in and keep moving from left to right to keep on reading a line.

PDFs are not really made to fulfill the purpose of eBooks. PDF contents are not responsive to device size. Rather, it can be considered as print-ready documents, or it can be used for documents that have a strict layout – like magazine.

Most of the research papers can be more useful as an ePUB file.

A clever technique to make eBooks appear more professional in mobile devices is to convert PDF to ePUB.

Converting PDFs to ePUB is an easy task.

How to convert PDF to ePUB?

Here are three tools you can use to convert PDF to ePUB for free.

  1. cloudconvert.com (web)
  2. zamzar.com (web)
  3. PDF to ePUB Converter (mobile)

You can convert PDFs to ePUBs using free websites or mobile applications. I prefer both methods, but here’s what others have to say about them.

Here’s a beautiful 5-star comment about the Zamzar.com converter.

I tried it and immediately fell in love! It was so easy to use! After a couple conversions, I bought the guys a cup of coffee. A couple more and decided this was too good to abuse! I joined! My life is so much easier!


Below you will find a 5-star comment for the PDF to Epub Converter app.

This is a surprisingly fast pdf to ePub converter. The results is very good with just copying the pdf file to the apps and convert it with 1 click! Impressive! In about 2 minutes I have converted a 700 A4 pages of pdf file into epub file.

Open the epub with Apple’s Books apps and there it is, a good looking ebook!

And it is an add supported free apps! Most of other converters are unreliable slow paid apps not worthy to download. This one is different. Will try to experiment more with a bigger pdf files to see how reliable it is. For the moment Thumbs up to developer. Just use a better minimalist icon to make it more presentable!

xandergk, 04/20/2020

These online tools help you convert and grab the output without having to download and install any apps. You can simply use these tools via a web browser.

Converting via the web is great, but mobile apps are way easier on small devices. Most people prefer apps on mobile devices over web browsers. Furthermore, this app saves history.

How PDF to ePUB conversion helps researchers?

First of all, the section “why I prefer ePUB over PDFs” in this article will help you understand how it can help researchers.

I prefer the ePUB format as it is mobile responsive and can be adjusted to fit your mood and visibility. You can adjust font face, font size, dark mode, or light mode.

ePUB can be added to the Books app as well. Books app helps you read better. PDFs also can be added to the Books app, but I prefer not to read PDFs on mobile devices as it is a really tough thing to do. But PDFs are great on laptops and on larger screens.

So, I read ePUBs on everything (small or large screens), but I keep PDFs to read on larger screens like my laptop or so.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

Hope to see you again, inshaAllah.

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