Ramadan Coding Camp

Following a very kind request from Uyoon Institute, I have conducted a coding course for them.

With this course, the participants started with the very basics of HTML and they progressed to developing a very beautiful static website. The static website was developed using Bootstrap by Twitter.

This is phase 1 which taught them how to build a static website. We are planning phase 2 of the program due to increased demand, alhamdulillah. In phase 2, they will learn how to convert the static website to a dynamic website with a content management system. With that, they can add and manage posts or articles without messing with the code.


Inaugurated in March 2015 Uyoon Institute has established itself as a higher education institution. It envisions creating an innovative, skilled & hardworking generation upon the teachings of Islam.

A very special thanks to Uyoon for the great arrangement and the support given during the course. Apart from doing the marketing for the program and making necessary arrangements, the staff of the institute were always present throughout the course, which was extremely helpful.


Participants were keen and eager to learn web development. They are good listeners (الحمد لله). They did their homework carefully and showed how they care about the course.

They are looking forward to meeting in the next phase of the course, insha’Allah.


At the end of the course, I asked everyone to email me their comments so that I can improve, and here are some testimonials received from them.

coding class very good learned alot 😀

This was my first insight into anything related to website designing and sort. As someone who doesn’t have any knowledge of any of such, the workshop really took my attention in a positive way. I have learnt a lot of new things, hopefully which I will be using in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.


Taught us individually that helped us learn easy.

May Allah bless them for their thoughts and testimonials. I thank and praise Allah for helping me throughout everything.

May Allah increase me in knowledge and help me teach others what I know. Aameen.

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