Publish Google Docs to the web

To publish a document;

Go to File menu,

Click “Publish to the web”,

Click “Publish”

Click “OK”

Copy the link and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Now they can access the published docs just like a web page.


If you want to embed the docs on your website post (or Moodle), you can;

go to the next tab in your “publish to the web” dialog box which is “Embed” and copy the snippet.

Insert the snippet into your blog or website as HTML.

As you can see, by default the height will be very small. If you want to increase the height and width, you can add them to the code.

For example, keep width as 100 percent and height as 450 pixels.

Now if we check and see the height would be bigger and better.

That’s all for this tutorial.

Assalaam Alaikum

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