Posts – 4 Keys to Start Easy and Better

Ways to write

I used to write all my drafts in Google Docs until I discovered Notion. Then I planned the whole blogging process in Notion and started drafting over there.

Now I use Notion to plan the blogging process, but all posts are drafted and finalized on my blog itself. This saves a lot of time and helps keep the post more focused.

Currently, I am using the WordPress mobile app to write this post. It is as easy as the website’s admin panel.

One advantage of writing on mobile is that it helps me keep my paragraphs shorter, which allows me to rank highly on SEO (search engine optimization).

The other advantage is that when you are away from your computer, you can instantly continue the post or note down all the popping ideas.

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When to post

According to experts, you have to stick to a schedule. That’s how SEOs rank websites. When we say “SEO,” that’s obviously nothing but Google.

So, you just keep on trying to stick to a schedule.

Some suggest posting on a specific day of each week. That means, for example, if you post on Sunday, keep on posting every Sunday.

Others recommend sticking to a pace. For example, keep posting once every week, whether it’s Sunday, Monday, or Thursday. At least one post every week.

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What to write

When you start blogging, you hear often “stick to your niche”. Therefore different people write about how to find out your niche.

According to Oxford Languages, a niche is “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment” or “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

Based on that definition, I can say that we have to write about things that we feel more comfortable talking about, and also it should be based on a particular topic that targets specific people.

This is because Google indexes your blog into a specific category based on the topics you most talk about. If you talk about random stuff it might confuse the SEO.

Taking that as a fact, we should write on a specific niche to help rank high on SEOs. So that people can see our posts in search results, which is the only possible way they can reach us organically.

Niche marketing

How to write

Thank you for your time.

Hope to see you again.

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