Dhiffushi is one of the most popular islands in Kaafu Atoll for tourism. The island is right next to “Meeru Island” resort. You can see people on the resort beach from Dhiffushi beach. The island is 36.99 Killometers away from Male’ (the capital of Maldives). It takes only 45 minutes to go there in a …

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UOC – The first online university in the world

Learning and attaining certificates online is not a new thing anymore. The convenience of learning from anywhere has brought significant changes to many lives; millions of students around the world are learning and pursuing their degrees online. There will be an initiative body for every good and bad thing. The first online university came into …

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Online Education

There are pros and cons in almost everything in this world. Especially when it comes to education, things become critical as it reflects individuals’ career and personal life as well. With all these obstacles, online education is much more comfortable and beneficial to both teachers and learners as online education comes with accessibility, flexibility, convenience …

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I recently had a trip to Barcelona, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I found Barcelona to be a very peaceful and walk-friendly place. The Bicing system was one of the best services I found in the city. I have talked about it in another article. One-ways I never thought one-ways would …

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Bicing is a very convenient bicycle sharing system in Barcelona. Yes, a system which allows people to share bicycles throughout the city. I asked locals regarding the system and came to know that this is especially for residents of Barcelona. They have to pay only €50 per year to enjoy riding as much as they …

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How to unrar in Mac

This tutorial will guide you how to extract a RAR file using Terminal. Install Unrar package brew install unrar Or try this: sudo port install unrar To extract a rar file unrar x fileName.rar That’s all.