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Our sheikhs are very busy. They have a personal and a very busy office or business life as well to fulfil their daily needs. Yet they love to propagate the message of Islam. They are trying their best to reach the people via radio stations, TV channels and social media. Sometimes, they have to stay away from their family for days to give dawa to people in other islands. In addition to all these efforts, they have to answer a lot of repeated questions.

On the other hand, specially youth are trying to catch up with sheikhs, yet they miss a lot. It is hard for them to track and find when, where, who is going to give a public lecture. In many cases, the youth is not notified when scholars release an article or writing regarding a certain matter.

With islamdheen.com and its mobile application, users can get instant notification of any event or update regarding sheikhs and Islamic knowledge inshaAllah. Not only that, users can opt to receive notifications and updates from certain sheikhs.

That way people can stay easily up to date with sheikhs’ work and conveniently receive Islamic knowledge in a common platform.

Moreover islamdheen.com targets to reduce the repetition of work done by the sheikhs by providing people with already given answers. For this, islamdheen.com has the idea to assign an admin team to filter questions from public to reduce the workload of the scholars inshaAllah.

They will send given answers to repeated questions. Furthermore, they will polish questions before they appear in the sheikhs’ unanswered questions page, inshaAllah.

As everyone who wants to learn about Islam might not like reading, Islamdheen.com targets include voiceovers of all the articles for the visually impaired as well as for those who prefer to listen rather than watch or read. It also plans to transcribe video and audio lectures for the convenience of all visitors. The overall idea is to make the content useful for people of all walks of life inshaAllah.

May Allah bless this work and help people make most out of it. May Allah make this nation filled with peace and blessing from Him. Aameen