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International Aid Campaign

International Aid Campaign

A full 80 percent of the Yemeni people are in need of humanitarian aid including food, shelter, health care, education and employment. (IRC)

As the Syrian crisis enters its tenth year, the humanitarian situation remains dire. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes, and those who remain are struggling to access sufficient food and rebuild their lives. (WFP)

35% of Gaza’s farmland and 85% of its fishing waters are totally or partially inaccessible due to Israeli military measures. (UN)

The internet is replete with reports of such worrying nature. Each report is addressing the destruction of thousands and millions of lives. There would be even more distress sorrow which are totally unknown or unspoken. Today, humanity is in need of prayer and support from mankind.

We depend on each other and we must look out for each other. Alhamdulillah, the number of people in good health and leading a normal life outnumber the people in poverty. If we all lend a hand to those who are destitute, they can get out of their misery and the thirst of humankind will perish inshaAllah.

International Aid Campaign (IAC) is a unity platform created collaboratively by many NGOs, clubs, groups, and government authorities with the initiative of EHEE Jamiyya in 2016. This collective group of youngsters are working enthusiastically to help and support every single needy around the world according to their capacity. They act as a mediator between the philanthropist and the needy. They deliver the aid through trusted partners in different locations all over the world. Their campaigns are initiated only after confirming the potential delivery of aid to the genuine recipients in the respective regions. 

This gives us the satisfaction that what we give to the refugees and needy will reach them without fail, in Sha Allah.

In 2017, they collected clothes, footwear, mattresses, blankets, canned tuna, milk powder, baby food, diapers and sanitary napkins. IAC checked the condition of the items, sorted them and supplied 4 containers to the refugees in Syria, which were worth a total of around MVR 8 million.

Not only that, they were able to collect a total of MVR 4.2 million in the same year for the displaced Rohingya refugees who were ousted from Myanmar. A minor project was also conducted where 5 laptops were donated to an orphanage in Turkey, facilitating the orphans to gain computer competency.

In 2018, MVR 1.37 Million were accumulated in just 2 weeks, to provide much required emergency relief to the people of Ghouta, Syria, Alhamdulillah. Over MVR 1.54 Million was sent to Gaza and USD 5 thousand for the Syrians who migrated to Turkey due to persecution in their homeland.

In 2019, IAC raised MVR 2.15 Million to aid Yemen’s ‘deadliest month’ in two years andUSD 7 thousand to implement a continuous project to support people striving to survive the harsh winter season. Moreover, they distributed milk, nappy as well as fuel for heaters. Alhamdulillah IAC were able to collect MVR 286,738.21 to help Al-Falah Charitable Society buy a school bus for the students of Gaza. Another project was launched to aid and support the victims due to the escalation of attacks in the area. USD 15 Thousand was collected and donated for the project.

From providing iftar in Ramadan to helping Muslims enjoy their Eid, implementation of first aid courses with provision of first aid kits and funding surgeries for the injured are few of the notable works of IAC.

The most remarkable project for me is the ongoing charity of building and managing a school for the children of Syria. The students are mostly orphans deprived from education since a long time. IAC will cover every single thing needed for their study by collecting donations from dedicated donors inshaAllah.

This work requires immense commitment, dedication and patience to persevere in their endeavours. Yet they work hard and take part in almost all major crisis that occur around the globe, mashaAllah.

Alhamdulillah that the president of IAC reached me to make me a part of the noble work, though my part is insignificant compared to their work. My responsibility with IAC is to help them reach more people and be more transparent to the public through technology. In addition to that, I will be giving recommendations and consultations on technologies to help them work smart and efficiently.

Helping people around the world is just a matter of a swipe on your phone. A bank transaction can do that. For more details visit IAC Facebook page. Once, website gets launched, I will update the post inshaAllah.