Inline Styling in WordPress

The new WordPress editor, blocks are quite simple and have many advantages over the classic editor of WordPress.

With the new block editor, you can embed YouTube, SoundCloud, Tweets, and more without a hassle. As the blocks are portable, it is quite easy to move a block from place to place. Even more, you can add CSS classes to give specific styles for each block.

However, there are disadvantages as well. Like, in case you want to color or highlight a word or a phrase in a block, it will be almost impossible. But there is a way out.

Though WordPress updated to use a modern block editor, it didn’t obsolete the classic editor. That means you can still use the classic editor to overcome such difficulties.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click the three-dot icon (This appears when you click a block).
  2. Search for the word “classic”.
  3. Click the classic icon.

Now you can type and color as you do in the time of classic editors inshaAllah.

Happy blogging 🙂

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