What is Hosting?

Hi educators, Now that you know the difference between domains and subdomains and that you have chosen the type of domain you want, it’s time to learn about hosting.

Hosting is the place where you keep all your resources. It is the place where you install your website. The website takes the resources on your hosting based on the way you designed it to be displayed.

A library can be a good analogy. A library is like a big hall with huge, towering shelves, where they keep all the books. Each shelf is labeled to categorize the books. Each book is filled with information and knowledge. So, the hall is the host, and the shelves are the folders in it, where the books are the files and images.

To be precise, hosting is the disk space or storage where you keep all the resources of the website.

With WordPress.com, you can sign up for a website with a subdomain for free. Though it’s free, you have limited power over the server. You can’t;

  • Get rid of those annoying footer credits to look more professional
  • Use most of the platforms to monetize
  • Use plugins
  • Add new features
  • Upload a premium theme you bought from a third party

So? You need your own server.

If you host WordPress on your own server you get the right to modify your website to as much as you want. Thus the opportunity to grow and monetize will be with you. You can use your own theme and plugins to give the best experiences to your visitors.

In the next video, I will show you how to get hosting for free so that you can upload your own WordPress site with full control over it, inshaAllah.