Get a domain for the free hosting

Get a domain for the free hosting

Now that we have created our reliable free hosting, it’s time to get a domain for the free hosting. A free subdomain will help us get started easily.

A domain is something you don’t get for free. By “domain”, I mean a top-level domain. But you can get subdomains for free from many platforms. Since you shouldn’t keep your website as a subdomain, I don’t think you should always live in a subdomain. However, I suggest you start with a subdomain if you are going to try it out or if you want to start for free and wait until you are ready to pay.

ℹ️ FAQ

Does web hosting include a free domain name?

With InfinityFree you will get a free subdomain. If you want a domain you can purchase one from a domain name provider and redirect to InfinityFree. Otherwise, you can go for InfinityFree’s pro version iFastNet to get hosting with a free top-level domain.

However, there are many hosting providers which provide domains as well. Some of them provide a domain for free for the first year while others keep it as a part of the hosting.

Do I need to host my domain name?

Yes. Assuming you don’t want your users to use an IP Address to see your website, it is obviously a necessary thing for your website. You can purchase a domain from a domain provider like

What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

Imagine your website is a house, if so, a domain name is the address of your house, and hosting is the land on which your house is built. Read more about hosting here and domains here.

Anyway, let’s see how to get a domain for the “free hosting”. We will later discuss how to purchase and set up the domain, and more advanced features, insha’Allah.

How to get a domain for the free hosting

How to get a domain for the free hosting

Now that you have signed up for the free hosting service, let’s create a hosting account by adding a domain or subdomain.

  1. Click “+ Create Account”
  2. You will be asked to choose a domain. For now, go for the subdomain.
  3. Type a subdomain
  4. Select an extension.
  5. Click “Check Availability”
  6. If the subdomain is not available, try the same step again until you find an available one.
  7. In step 2, leave all the fields as they are and click “Create Account”
  8. In step 3, click “Finish”

That’s it; you have created your hosting account with a subdomain so that you can start learning web development with real-world examples.

Next, we have to work with WordPress installation and setup.

I hope to see you there.

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