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Flipped Classroom - Personal Reflection

The idea of the flipped classroom is really quite simple: direct instruction is done through video or some other learning object that students can use individually prior to coming to class.
Flipped Classroom - Personal Reflection

The most valuable time for a teacher or student is the time they spend together in teaching and learning. The most valuable thing we share is the knowledge that benefits the students' future. Flipped learning enhances the value of the time we spend with our students as it prepares the students with instructions and guidance before they meet the teacher.

The idea of the flipped classroom is really quite simple: direct instruction is done through video or some other learning object that students can use individually prior to coming to class. This time shift then allows the teacher to use class time for work that is either better done as a large group, or that requires individualized teacher attention (Bergmann 24). In flipped learning, direct instruction is usually delivered individually through teacher-created videos. This time shift then enhances the face-to-face interaction experiences.

Just to give an example; we used to give students instructions in class and ask them to work on them at home as homework. This is the traditional way. This way students are away from their teacher when they need their help the most. They face doubts only when they try it practically, that means when they do their homework. This is the time when they need to clear their doubts, also when they come back to the class they will have forgotten their doubts. That is the traditional way. As a solution, it has to be flipped, and that’s what the flipped model does.

In the flipped model, teachers will give instructions in a medium like video tutorials to students to follow at home. Students will follow the instructions at home and work on them in the class. This way the students will have some knowledge about the lesson as well as the opportunity to ask questions about their doubts and continue their studies with ease and enthusiasm.

Every semester I have to teach different students different computer science related subjects, which includes blog/webpage designing for School of Medicine students. These sessions are divided into groups and each group gets 3 hours in class from which 1 hour is a lecture session. That means each group gets literally 2 hours to complete the website entirely.

I know, two hours to complete a website is kind of quite impossible. And even if I show them everything they need to know, they’ll be unable to do it at home.

As a solution, I followed the flipped classroom method and uploaded video tutorials to YouTube to help students follow every single step they need to complete the task. This way when they came to the class, they were ready and few of them had already completed the task. Thus we were able to jump right into the doubts and complete the whole thing within the allotted time.

Everyone was thorough with the lesson and I had enough time to attend to every single student and help them solve their doubts conveniently. Everyone was relaxed and we enjoyed the class as the whole class was so much into the learning process.

I found the flipped classroom a very helpful way to teach as the whole class was happy and not a single student was left with a doubt. Alhamdulillah.

I have listed the result of our flipped classroom work below and I hope you will like it. I wish all the best to my dear students. May Allah bless them in their hard work and grant them success in both lives. Aameen.

Assalaam Alaikum

Ahmed Danish Shameem
Ahmed Mahil Muaz
Ibrahim Ahmed
Tawsif Mahdeen Ali Lasker

Xainaa Junaid
Aishath Shuhula

Fathimath Farahath
Fathimath Shafaath
Fathimath Ina

Aminath Efa Ibrahim
Sumaa Adam
Aishath Thooba Shakeel

Fathimath Izha Ismail
Aishath Shaama Nazeem
Mohamed Raaif Easa


Mohamed Azhadh Ali
Ahmed Shabin
Mohamed Nashyan Waseem

Aishath Nur Shathir
Ahmed Yazdhan
Shamila Anwaru

Imaala Shaakir
Thaima Hassan
Mohamed Zayan Musthafa
Fathimath Afnan Masood