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Nina went to a beautiful island, which was famous for its sunsets. People were gathering from all around the world to see this beautiful place. While Nina enjoyed the beautiful moment, most of the others couldn’t see the sunset at all. Why? Because most of them were posing for a long time staring at their phones to take selfies. For what? Just for the sake of Instagram and Facebook likes. Maybe to make their friends jealous or to show off how lucky they are.


Only a few actually enjoy nature or the special moments of their lives. They are the people who sat and thought about enjoying the moment. They have seriously thought about increasing productivity.

Anyway, think for a moment about the time they are spending to get the ‘likes’ they are purchasing on social media. Is it worth it? How can it be worth it when it pays nothing and is at the same time slowing down your productivity?


Is there any alternative? Can this time be spent in a way that will make you more productive and efficient?

To run your social media, you are squeezing a lot of energy and a lot of creativity. If you spend that energy and creativity towards something productive, like learning something new or teaching things you know by running a blog, that will benefit you much more and, ultimately, might end up paying you more than a regular job would.


Statistically speaking, the number of likes on your Facebook or Instagram doesn’t give you a realistic picture of the quality of the content you created or wrote. Those are mostly your friends or “like for like” people who really don’t mean it. A well-written great piece of content on those platforms can stay really far behind, while the worst of its versions will touch up the sky.

A blog, on the other hand, is promoted by search engines based on the quality of the content. It reaches the audience as the author gets better. Your content can be short or long. Even shorter blog posts rank higher in search engines for the specific topics you are targeting.


You might be a person who has a good status on social media. If so, I suggest not completely stopping it but keeping it limited to a minimal number of minutes per day.

If you are one of those who keeps on scrolling on social media, I would recommend you instantly stop using it and delete the app as well.

If you have a skill, start teaching it to others. If you think you need to learn more, sign up for a learning platform like SkillShare, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, or something like that. Learning from YouTube is also a good idea.

Just focus on learning something new every day.

That’s it for now. I hope to see you again.

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