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Dhiffushi is one of the most popular islands in Kaafu Atoll for tourism. The island is right next to “Meeru Island” resort. You can see people on the resort beach from Dhiffushi beach. The island is 36.99 Killometers away from Male’ (the capital of Maldives). It takes only 45 minutes to go there in a launch or 3 hours to go in a ferry boat from Male’.

The population of the island is approximately 1100. With friendly and welcoming locals, the island is so beautiful, calm and filled with harmony mashaAllah. While kids enjoy the environment limitlessly, adults are enthusiastically serving their guests. Tourism seems to be their main source of income.

Rules and Regulations

As it is an inhabitant island, the council of the island has set certain rules such as the following: do not misbehave and do not to wear bikinis in the beach. Happily, I saw most of the guests following almost all the rules and regulations, except a few who were not showing respect to the rule which says not to wear bikinis. Other than this everyone behaved well and made the place peaceful mashaAllah.

Booking a Hotel

If you are planning to book a hotel in Dhiffushi, it will be a good idea to search for a hotel on booking.com and call the hotel instead of booking via the website. The prices on the website are for the tourists and foreigners and they have special rates for Maldivians.

I called Bibee Maldives and asked the price of a triplex room. They said MVR900 per night with breakfast. I paid advance to confirm the booking.

Learn more about Bibee Maldives on their website.


Transportation wasn’t covered in the price. However, they booked a ferry launch for the day. All we had to do was make payment on the way to the island.

It costs MVR 175/- per seat via launch, which takes only 45 minutes. If your child can sit on your lap your child will not be charged. Even if your 7-year-old sits on your lap he will not be charged. The charge is merely for the seat.

On the other hand, you can choose to go via ferry if you want to save a penny. It is super cheap and costs only 22/- Rufiyaa per person. You can be there within 3 hours inshaAllah.

Bibee’s Appointment Conflict

We booked Bibee for 5 days, starting from 22nd of December. We paid the advance or deposit on 6th December. This means booking was confirmed at least 16 days in advance. However, the conflict occurred at the very last minute of departure.

Launch/ferry time was 11:30 am. We were getting out of home to catch the ferry when we got a call from Bibee Maldives around 10:35 am, saying that booking got some conflicts due to Christmas and they had to reduce number of booked days from 5 to 2. Also, they promised to book a better guesthouse for us for the remaining 3 days.

My advice for Bibee Maldives is to keep promises and not to belittle anyone for any other deal that might be appealing for a moment. You never know, what good can come your way when you keep your promise and treat everyone fairly and professionally.


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The guest house provides food too, but you have to order a bit earlier. For example, if you want lunch, you must order at breakfast time. If that sounds cool for you, you can get low budget food without having to go anywhere.

Sometimes you might want to go outside for a different taste. Not to worry, Dhiffushi has several restaurants and cafes at a stone’s throw away.

The Kettle is a restaurant right next to the guest house, Bibee Maldives. This place is amazing and the staffs are cheerful and attentive. Coffee and almost all dishes are not only scrumptious, but also affordable.

According to the staff of the place, the restaurant belongs to Rashu Hiyaa, which is a beautiful guest house nearby. It is open for outsiders so that anyone in Dhiffushi can enjoy the great taste inshaAllah.

Sometimes cheaper food with good taste is better than great taste. Dream Corner is a great café. Food over there are like 3 times cheaper than The Kettle. Staffs are cool but remember to take cash as they don’t accept card yet.

So, there are different options for different people. Enjoy what suits you better. 😊

General goods

No matter how perfect the restaurants are, sometimes you need to buy chocolates and other junk foods to make the trip more happening. Most of the time you will not remember to bring such stuff along with your clothes and bags. In this situation, a local shop is necessary.

In Dhiffushi, you have few local shops selling general items. But a shop near the guest house will be so great.

Right opposite The Kettle restaurant, there is a shop named “WHIM”. Shop looks premium yet the items are at local price. Some items seem to be cheaper compared to the shops in Male’.

Buy a land, become a landlord

It is impossible to get a land in almost anywhere in the Maldives, even for the residents of that island, especially near Malé. Despite the fact that Dhiffushi is beautiful and that there is a high demand for tourism, there are places for sale in the island.

Guest house

Most of the guest houses in the island look good. In the first two nights we stayed in Bibee Maldives.

The main advantage of the Bibee Maldives is its location. Having a beautiful beach right in front of the place is the main reason why I chose Bibee Maldives.

If you want to snorkel, they will provide masks and fins for you and you can enjoy exploring the house reef and the beauty of the sea, for free. Also, you can get canoes for free from the guest house. They have more premium options which I have summarized in the dolphin cruise section below.

Due to the conflict mentioned above, they arranged for us to stay at Muraka Villa for the remaining three days.

Muraka Villa is not in normal operation. They use this place to host guests when Bibee is full. Whatsoever, beach is not far from this place. From the guest house you can easily reach the beach.

Dhiffushi Beach 
Dhiffushi Water Sp rts 
Beach House Dhiffushi 
Cafe' 420 
Crown Beach 
Muraka Villa 
Infinity Dhiffushi 
Bibee Maldives 

As you can see, Bibee Maldives is right in front of the beach, from where you can see the sunrise. Though Muraka Villa is in the middle of the island, you can go to see the sunrise, sunset and the north beach in less than 1 minute. This is because the island is quite small and narrow.

As mentioned, there are many other great inexpensive guest houses in the island. Go for any place near this area and you can find the beach around you. It is really cool.

Dolphin Cruise and Activities

We went for a ride to the sea, to a dolphin point near Dhiffushi, in the hope to see some jumping dolphins. There were a lot, but I couldn’t catch a good shot from my phone’s camera. In phone you can hardly see one jumping, while in reality, it was just awesome; very nice mashaAllah.

Besides dolphin cruise, you can enjoy snorkeling, turtles point snorkeling, sand beach, diving and many more.

Snaps from the island