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Custom Checkbox Values for Google Sheets

Custom Checkbox Values for Google Sheets

In this tutorial, we will add few checkboxes and will use formulas to count what’s been selected or marked. In addition to that, we will find out how to use percentages in the same case.

This πŸ‘† is our first project. So, let’s get started.

First, we will add checkboxes. Then enter formulas to count the selected checkboxes.


Select the cells where you want to add the checkboxes.


Now, go to Data > Data Validation from menu.

You will get this popup window.


Change Criteria to Checkbox.

Tick Use custom cell values.

Enter 1 in Checked textfield and 2 in Unchecked textfield.

Click Save button.

Now your table should look like this. πŸ‘‡


Enter =sum( and select the cells you want to sum up. Then close the bracket and press enter key.

Now select the blue box in the right-bottom corner of the cell and drag down.

That’s it. It will count and give you the total of selected cells.

Now let’s change the total completed number to percentage.


Select the cells.


Go to Data > Data Validation from menu.

Change Checked and Unchecked textfields to relevant percentage.


Now select the cells in the completed column and click the “%” symbol in the menu ribbon.

That’s it.

Thank you for reading.