In March 2022, I got a chance to visit Croatia. It was an official trip organized by FOI (Faculty of Organization and Informatics) of Croatia as a part of the project AMED (Advancing higher education in Maldives through E-learning Development).

The trip occupied the participants with full of meetings and shadowing. Hence, I could not reach out to see the country except a little. However, here is what I got to share about the trip.

About Croatia

They say that the country is shaped like a horseshoe. I am not going to look into the history or geography of the country. I just want to share my experience and what I learned from the trip to Croatia.

I found the country to be very simple and peaceful. They have traditional beautiful houses. Not old stone houses nor modern but traditional-style with one to two-story buildings.

Although their roads and houses stick to a traditional style, the technology they use inside and out is not limited to that. They have a great connection to technology.

According to the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks program, Over 70% of Croatia’s population uses the Internet and over 55% have at least basic digital skills, placing Croatia in 11th place in the European Union. The most powerful supercomputer in the Adriatic region is located at the University of Rijeka; the fastest electric hypercar Concept Two is developed and manufactured in Croatia by Rimac Automobili, and the most used multifunctional demining robotic system is produced by the Croatian company Dok-Ing.


During the days we stayed there, I noticed that people of color were nowhere to be seen in any part of the city, Varaždin. So, I asked a citizen of the city about it and came to know that some time back there lived a Jewish person in a synagogue – who was not white – and he was driven out of the land by the people of Varaždin after destroying his synagogue.

Later on, I asked faculty dean Dr. Nina and Professor Neven and they reassured me that it was a story from a long time ago.

We lived in Varaždin except for a day, in which we experienced Zagreb for a little bit. The people of Varaždin were more family people and doesn’t go out at night. On the other hand, Zagreb is a city where people enjoy the nightlife and spend time with friends in enjoyment than spending time with family. That’s according to the citizens, not from any official source.

“Among us, those who want to enjoy nightlife with friends move to Zagreb, and those who are more family people live here in Varaždin. People here (in Varaždin) are more family people.” – Citizen.


The Croatian currency Kuna will officially changed on January 1, 2022.

In July 2022, European Union finance ministers gave Croatia the final approval to adopt the euro single currency on January 1, 2023. This decision will replace the current currency (Kuna) with Euro.

Schengen Zone

The Schengen Area is the world’s largest passport-free zone, allowing the unrestricted movement of people between 26 European countries.

Finally, Croatia succeeded in becoming a member of the Schengen zone.

According to, on November 11th, 2022, the Members of the European Union Parliament (MEPs) have officially endorsed the lifting of the internal border controls between the Schengen free-movement area and Croatia.


I had a mild cold and went to a pharmacy to ask to see if they can suggest a medicine. I found out the pharmacists to be very professional, they questioned and explained things well like a doctor should, before they gave the medicine. Best pharmacists I’ve ever experienced.

Islam Center

According to the official website of the center, the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Varaždin covers north-western Croatia and extends territorially to three counties: Varaždin, Međimurje, and Koprivnica-Križevci counties. About 1,200 Muslims live in the area.

I had a visit to the Majlis of the Islamic Community, by searching Google Maps. Unfortunately, the place were closed and I couldn’t go inside. So, I took some snaps from outside of the masjid.

Muslim Women

A research paper released by the Open Society Foundation highlighted the Restrictions on Muslim women’s dress in the 28 EU Member States, which excludes Croatia from being an oppressor over the Muslims.

According to the research, Islam is the second-largest religion in Croatia. The Muslim community was found to consist of 62,977 people in 2011, which constituted 1.47 percent of the national population. 170 Islam has been officially recognized in Croatia since 1916, when Croatia’s Parliament passed a law that introduced equality between Islam and other religions.

No ban of Islamic face veil or hijab in Croatia, according to the research.

May the entire world be a safe place for everyone. Aameen.


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Snaps of the trip

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