Creating Custom Brushes in Adobe Photoshop

Today we are going to talk about creating custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop using any texture or pattern you want.

Adobe Photoshop allows you to create your very own brushes based on any design or texture you want. When you create a custom brush, it is very important to use high-quality images. Especially a big one will be better. You will learn the reason later on in this tutorial inshaAllah. 

Creating Custom Brushes

Prepare the image

Before we try to add the image as a brush, we need to prepare it and make sure it’s background is transparent.

As you can see the newly added image is locked and taken as a background layer, so we need to first unlock it and turn a simple layer. 

To do that: double click the layer while you press and hold the option key or alt key from the keyboard. 

To remove the background, select the Magic Wand Tool and click the background. Once the background is selected press the Delete key from the keyboard. 

Select Lasso Tool and select the shape you want to take as a brush. 

Go to Edit from the menu and select Define Brush Preset…

Name your brush and click OK. 

Using Brush

Press Command+N or Control+N to open a new document.

Select Brush Tool and right-click the document.

It will show brush options. Select the newly created brush and click the document to start using it.

You can resize the brush from the brush options dialogue box or by simply pressing the right or left square bracket from the keyboard.

Pick a color from the Color Picker Tool in the toolbar.

Click the document to use the brush. The more you click the darker it will be. 

That’s it for this tutorial.

Hope you find it helpful. 

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube.

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