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Bicing is a very convenient bicycle sharing system in Barcelona. Yes, a system which allows people to share bicycles throughout the city.

I asked locals regarding the system and came to know that this is especially for residents of Barcelona. They have to pay only €50 per year to enjoy riding as much as they want throughout the year. Of course, there are many other pricing options. One thing that I noticed is that, bikers will not be charged if they drop the bike within 30 minutes.

Sad I couldn’t experience the Bicing system on my own as it is only for locals. But that totally makes sense as it would not be easy to manage if foreigners or tourists (those who stay for a short period) are allowed to use such a sharing scheme.

The Bicing stations are located in many places around Barcelona. A subscriber can take a bike with a swipe of a card from any station and drop it to any other Bicing station they want.

Though the card is available to use, it is recommended to use the mobile app for Bicing as it provides many other benefits.

The Bicing App is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to:

  • check the stations on the map and the availability of bicycles and anchors in each one of them in real-time.
  • take a bicycle, check that you have anchored it correctly or ask for 10 extra minutes if the station is full.
  • plan your trips.
  • earn points in the Bicing game to win prizes.

This is a very simple yet a very useful and beneficial bicycle sharing mechanism that can be implemented in many islands of Maldives too. Places like Addu, Gan, Fuvahmulah, and so on are ideal locations for the scheme.