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I recently had a trip to Barcelona, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

I found Barcelona to be a very peaceful and walk-friendly place. The Bicing system was one of the best services I found in the city. I have talked about it in another article.


I never thought one-ways would be there while they did horse riding. Have you ever imagined how their one-way signboards would look like?

One-ways and even one-way boards were there in the ancient times too. They used to have one-ways for horse riders. Here is a signboard that indicates a one-way for horses. From here horses are required to turn right and are restricted to go left.


They say that shopping is for the ladies, but when you are in a different country, you must go shopping to take back home some gifts and memorabilia.

I checked a couple of shops and it seemed things cost an arm and a leg. But I had to buy some gifts for the kids, so I kept filling my shopping basket with a bunch of stuff. In the end, it was when I checked the amount of money spent for the gifts, that I realised things weren’t as costly as I had thought.

What astonished me was that the hardware tools were a lot cheaper (like 3 to 4 times cheaper) than in Maldives. What’s more, Bikes, scooters, toys looked better in quality and were reasonable in price.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

The highest point of the city is on mount Tibidabo. We climbed the mountain on foot, which was a great experience. As it was autumn, it was freezing cold. We were shivering and sweating at the same time – this was a whole new experience!

When we arrived there, it was evening and the place was getting dark, so couldn’t get much out of the Amusement Park.

Plaça de sant felip neri

There was a war in 1938 in which airplanes from Italy bombed the square of Plaça de sant felip neri of Barcelona. The picture above shows some marks of the bombs which have been left in their precise drop locations.

They say that it should remain so that the incident will be remembered, and they hope that reminding will help avoid any such bombings in the future.

You can find a school in the square, where many students graduate each year. This school was there at the time when the bombings occurred. Students were in school at the time. Thank God, none of the students were injured in the bombing.

The place is a tranquil spot and the Barcelonans say it is a must to visit the square!


I found walkways or the pavements of the city to be huge. In some roads they dedicate 90% of the road to bikers and walkers and a very small portion for cars and taxis. This surely will encourage residents to walk more which will also be a great exercise for their body.

Maybe this is why, I could hardly see a person dragging a big belly in Barcelona. Almost everyone looked fit and ready to move. Every government should encourage their residents to be fit and healthy. This can only be done by encouraging them to reduce usage of motor vehicles and to keep moving on their foot as much as possible.


Like in Maldives, there are no masjids in every place we went in Barcelona. To be honest, I did not see a masjid during the trip at all. But the professors and teachers were professional and welcoming that they neither questioned nor prevented us from praying. They showed us rooms to pray whenever we wanted to pray, mashaAllah.

Alhamdulillah that Allah made praying for the traveller easier for us. At the same time I thank Allah that He made it obligatory to pray, even when we are abroad. Because, if not, we’ll forget a lot and we might go astray. May Allah make us attentive in our prayer and benefit most out of it.


The civil engineering and its development and maintenance in Barcelona seems to be really focused on the health and wellbeing of the residents. People need to walk and exercise as much as possible and for this the roads are convenient and ready. Perhaps, that accounts for the fact that I could hardly see a person on the fat side.

People seem to be civilized as they do not throw garbage on the street; rather they put specific garbage to a specific trash or container. They seem to be helpful and receptive.

However, I noticed the locals were kind of afraid when they saw us standing aside leaving our bag on a chair or even on the couch of the hotel. Whenever they see something like that, they immediately call the person and ask not to leave the bag alone. I asked why and they said that in Barcelona you will not realize when you lose your valuables.

Well, l was lucky my valuables were safe, and no one stole them! On the contrary, I must say that I experienced only peace and calmness there. But they as the residents would know better the place, I checked the internet, and the media was replete with theft cases. I was quite surprised to read the crime rate is skyrocketing in Barcelona.

Yet it was a great experience 👍

Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo