Ahmed Shareef

Archive Emails

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I always archive emails I receive after attending to them. That way, I ensure I have no pending tasks or requests in my inbox.

It also helps me be more organized. I keep focusing on clearing my inbox to ensure I have no pending tasks.

I prefer to have an email for every task assigned to me, while other related discussions can go through me personally.

Always remember to archive your emails and keep a target to keep your inbox clean and tidy.

How to archive an email?

If you are viewing the email list on the mobile app, just swipe to archive.

If you have opened an email on the mobile app, tap on the archive icon you will find on the top bar.

On the desktop browser also you have to click the archive button .

How to find an archived email?

Tap on the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Select “All Emails”.

Have a question? Reach me and I will get back to you soon, insha’Allah.

hope to see you again insha’Allah.

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