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Alooka School

Alooka School

According to UNICEF, every child has the right to education. Primary education should be free. Secondary and higher education should be available to every child. Children should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level possible. Discipline in schools should respect children’s rights and never use violence.

Children are supposed to be encouraged to go to school. However, the situation (created by Syrian regime) in Syria, led children to flee from their homes and had to be resettled in refugee camps at Turkey border.

This led to the deprivation of basic education of more than 2 billion children.

No matter how intense the darkness is, if Allah wills, He will illuminate the path in ways we would have never thought. IHH and Olive Grove Foundation in collaboration with IAC, started a school to help children study for free. The school is called “Alooka School”.

Alooka aims to provide free education to the dispersed children of Syria. Did you know, even you can have the share of the reward by participating in this great cause? You can sponsor a child or donate whatever you can towards this project.

What impressed me the most, to work in the project “Alooka School” is their motto, to help the orphan and displaced children of Syria gain proper education to help them build a better future, inshaAllah.

All thanks and praises are due to Allah, that I got a chance to be a part of such a noble project, inshaAllah.

My role in the project would be consulting and assisting in all technological needs they face in running the school. Holding professional development trainings to ensure they are familiar with the best technology would be a key area I will undertake.

May Allah bless everyone involved in this project and make it sustainably beneficial for the Ummah.