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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello world! This word seems a bit familiar and most people won’t even read further a post titled so, thinking that it would be a sample page. That is quite understandable, as Hello World page is usually the sample page in a blog which guides the user how to start blogging.

In the programming or development life, Hello World is the first look into the coding tutorial. Usually the first app or first tutorial will be a Hello World app in almost every coding boot camp.

So, in my blog, I want to introduce myself in the Hello World page.

I am both a web developer and an IT lecturer. Since I officially started my career as a full-time lecturer, I was required to do a lot of research. I thought why not I combine both web development and research and writing skills and run my own blog. That is how I decided to create this blog, to learn and to teach by sharing what I learn throughout my journey.

As I said (on my twitter and facebook account), I don’t claim to be intelligent or smart; whatever I have achieved is because of Islam. You might find good things and totally rubbish too. Whatever you find in this blog, is what I have got for you. Hope you will accept most of it and please DM me if you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve the blog.

That’s about me and the blog. So, those who are interested can join this journey and we can learn a lot together inshaAllah.

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See you inshaAllah 🙂