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In this post you will learn what hosting means and what are the advantages of getting a hosting for your domain.

October 4, 20222 minutes

This post will help you figure out what kind of domain you want for your blog or website.

2 minutes

Story Nina went to a beautiful island, which was famous for its sunsets. People were gathering from all around the world to see this beautiful...

September 25, 20222 minutes

Now that you are starting your own website or blog, it is necessary that you understand specific terms, precisely the difference between a blog and...

September 19, 20222 minutes

Schedule your work somehow. The experts’ advice is to be consistent, whether we publish once every week or twice every week. We just...

September 16, 20221 minute

We have to use links in almost all the documents we create. It is just an easy process where you just have to click a few clicks. But it can be...

September 12, 20221 minute

There might come a time when you would like to change your default book reader for your Books app. For example, you might want to...

September 11, 20221 minute

Whether you use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any Apple device, you can type in Arabic without even knowing how to type in Arabic.

September 4, 20221 minute

I didn’t appreciate reading until recently, when I did my dissertation for my master’s degree. Since then, I have enjoyed reading and I love reading,...

September 3, 20223 minutes

If you want to write from right to left in Google Docs, you can toggle the paragraph direction on the menu bar. Instead, you can use the shortcut given below.

August 29, 20221 minute