Create random text on MS Word

Sometimes you have to search the web to get some random text. Well not after you read this tip.

type =rand(3,6) and press enter.

That’s it, likewise, you create random text in a word document. Read below for further explanation on the function.


rand represents random.
P should be replaced with a number of paragraphs you want to create.
S should be replaced with a number of sentences in each paragraph.

So it is as

=rand(Number of Paragraphs, Number of Sentences in each paragraph)

This trick is usually handy for tutors who wants to type some random text to demonstrate something with some random text. Mostly used by web developers to show sample text in templates. Web developers or designers use something like “Lorem ipsum…” to fill and demonstrate their design.

For those who want to print something like “Lorem ipsum…” in their word document can use “lorem” instead of rand as shown below:


or you can use:


Also, you can skip the number of paragraph and number of sentences and use it as rand() or lorem() or rand.old()