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Situated in the North Male’ Atoll, along the vaadhoo channel, lies the distinctive natural, circular shaped reef and lagoon of Gulhifalhu. Located just 6 kilometers from Male’, located between Thilafushi and Vilingili, a perfect setting of shimmering turquoise waters and geographical coral formation. Today Gulhifalhu has been one of the most astonishing and ambitious development project initiated by Maldives and Managed by Gulhifalhu Investment Limited.

Gulhifalhu Investment Limited was corporatized on April 2010, with the objective of reclaiming and developing the island as an industrial hub to cater to the needs of the industries in Greater Male’ Region. The objective was to offer economic benefit in terms of industry specialization and reduction of land rent compared to other locations of the region. As Gulhifalhu lies near the capital of Maldives and international airport, it has been notified as one of the strategic location for the industries to invest. New cluster of developing labour city, commercial and real estate development shall enhance on eliminating the congestion and land scarcity issues in Greater Male’ Region.

Inter Ocean Maldives

Inter ocean private limited was the very first employment agencies formed to cater to the demand for expatriate labor to the Maldivian business. Our company came into existence 1992. At the time our company catered expatriate labor to Maldives ports limited, this was the very fist recruitment which was done in Maldives and our services continued catch hold of the market and we are proud to say that we provided our best expatriate professionals to start up the second hospital in Maldives.

Ever since starting of our company we manage to establish continuity and put in a tint of professionalism.

As we involved in importing and maintaining manpower to Maldives, we are able to cater expatriate for any job which suites our customer demand.

We are proud to say that until this day we are the only recruitment agency that is been able to last long with our history with a good reputation in the market we support our clients every way that we can to make our clients satisfied.

~Inter Ocean Maldives


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